New Students $100.00TUITION RATES:1ST CHILD 2ND CHILD 3RD CHILDYear (Month) Year (Month) Year (Month)

K – 6th$3,200 (320)$2,880 (288)$1,600 (160)
7th – 12th$3,350 (335)$3,015 (301.50)$1,675 (167.50)

Tuition charges are by the year. If not paid in full before the school year begins, 10 monthly payments may be made. The first payment is due August 1st or at the time of enrollment if it is after August 1st. Tuition payments are due the first of each month through May.

Multiple child discount will be given on the lower of the two tuition rates.

Tuition payments received after the fifth of each month are considered late. A late charge of $15.00 per family will be assessed if payment is not made by that date. In the event that the 5th falls over a holiday or weekend, the late charge will be assessed if the tuition is not received by the next business day.If a student is withdrawn during the year, the tuition obligation runs through the end of the month. Registration, books and first month’s tuition must be paid prior to a student starting school at CCA.BOOK RATES (K-12):Please check which book payment option you wish to use:


Payment of $400.00 due with first month tuition


1st payment of $225.00 due with August 1st tuition

2nd payment of $200.00 due with January 1st tuition.

*Elective fees for secondary are no longer billed separately and in addition to book fees.